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Zampa Couture

We all love fashionable clothing. Everyone desires to be covered in comfy, breathtaking, and eye-popping apparel. Dogs have been our friends for ages and they deserve the convivial atmosphere of soft and trendy clothing. We believe that your dog should command a first look, a second one, and the third long gaze owing to the endearing clothing that you have provided. You have to dress them to impress as you do!

Our goal is to provide luxury canine clothing that is safe, of the highest quality, the perfect fit and comfortable for dogs of all sizes to give them and command the perfect look.

With our superb collection, we are dedicated to transforming your pooch to an entity that people want to catch a glimpse of. We provide a combination of longevity and trendiness for your dog’s clothing by using the softest fabrics such as high quality Italian silk to ensure the comfort and quality of every piece. At Zampa Couture, we turn dogs into charming little friends!

Zampa Couture is a brilliant and seamless blend of the best-polished skills and knowledge from highly trained individuals. We see to your dog’s needs by creating clothes with the finest materials that are tailored to protect them while accentuating your style and taste for unparalleled quality.

Finest Element

Silk provides undeniable luxury and appeal combined with durability. It is also easy to clean and completely comfortable for dogs. It is lightweight and friendly to your pooch's skin. 


Our products are thoughtfully produced with one sole objective- to create clothing that would suit your dog’s comfort and style. While we want your pooch to have trendy clothing, we are firstly inspired by principles. The apparels are uniquely handcrafted to be durable, comfortable and chic.


We are competent in this and that is no fluke! We are highly innovative and stand for excellence. We have professional world-class designers to ensure that all of your dog’s needs are met using the finest materials and best fabrication skills.

Timeless pieces

We do not create clothing using industrial machines because we love paying attention to details. We do it stitch by stitch. By handcrafting, we scrutinize every layer, edge, color, and material. We only seek perfection because your dog deserves it!


Take your measurements accordingly

Your little one needs the best outfits. So, you must take accurate measurements. It isn’t worthwhile to have a gear that doesn’t fit at all. We also worry about parasites and do not offer any refunds or exchanges for used attires that don’t match. Therefore, we have put together a perfect guide to help you measure your dog’s correct size.


• Wrap the tape around the neck where the collar should rest.
• Ensure it is close-fitting but not too tight.
• For comfort, ensure you add one extra inch to the measurement.

Chest (or Girth)

The chest is essential for shirts, polos and light jackets. Place the tape around the broadest part of your dog’s rib cage. That is the area, behind the front legs or elbows.
• Ensure your tape is snug but not too tight.

Measuring the body length

• Get your dog to stand upright on its legs to ensure your measurement is accurate.
• Place the tape at the base of the neck where it joins the shoulder.
• Now, extend the loose end of the tape along the spine until it reaches the base of the tail.

"Don't forget to add an extra inch for comfort!"

*If you need further assistance with your measurements, don’t hesitate to contact us info@zampacouture.com . Anytime you need guidance or you are uncertain about the steps, our friendly support team would be glad to help you find the right sizing to suit you and your pet’s needs.